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What are you losing to GrUberDash?

Delivery Providers

Delivery Operators - Delivery Drivers


We make delivery work for independent restaurants. Online Ordering. Plug-and-play delivery. Dispatching. Driver network.

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Restaurant Owner

86 GrUberDash.  Offer delivery. Take control. Cut your rates in half. Keep your customer data. Provide a great service to...

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Delivery Provider

Eatzy provides a full suite of technology and services to operate delivery profitably in any size market. We help you...

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Enjoyable work.  Good income.  Flexible schedule.  On your terms. Learn More

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Delivery and Digital Ordering have been the growth engine of the restaurant industry for the past decade.

Customers demand delivery, and restaurants need to provide it to stay competitive.
But it’s almost impossible to profit from delivery with the exorbitant fees charged by UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub and all the rest.
And since restaurants give up their most valuable assets – their customers and their brand control – to these delivery services, local restaurants especially are losing more than they are gaining from these partnerships.
It’s time for a change.

Welcome to Eatzy.